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Group ABA

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Joint attention
Social Play

Social Skills are one of the most important things for young children to learn and also one of the hardest for many children to learn.  That is why we have created a special opportunity at our center in Riyadh for children to learn and practice crucial social skills, group instruction, and pre-academics.  Highly qualified staff will work with your child in a specially designed setting to help make sure your child gains key skills. Skills that children need to succeed in school. 

Eye contact and responding to their name is a basic skill required for children to really benefit from being with other children.  Our program is designed to not only help increase social interaction but also to help kids develop joint attention.  This will help clients to learn how to participate in classrooms and group play with friends. 

Kids need play.  Its one of the most important skills a child can have in their developmental tool box.  Social play is highest form of play skills, including imagination play, rule governed play, sports, and team games.  We teach these skills step by step and give our clients the chance to practice them with other children to prepare them for the real world.  

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