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Joshua Barrington

Founder & CEO

Board Certified Behavior Analyst


We have a unique opportunity together, but we need you to help us make it a reality.


BBH was created to bring talented BCBAs, BCaBAs and RBTs together in Saudi Arabia to serve the children and families who want to see positive change in their lives. We created a space where state of the art ABA treatment is available for children with behavioral and developmental disabilities.  We have trained our staff and given them the skills to make lasting changes in our client’s lives at home, in schools and their community.  We’ve made a positive multi-lingual professional training program so that teachers, clinicians, and families can learn the skills to become active team members in their children’s programs. 

But we need you.  

We need you to join us in our efforts.  We need you to help us bring these tools into children's lives so that they can change their potential into reality.  We need families with the courage to choose to start making a difference.  I hope you will help us by calling or registering today. 

Help us make your child’s opportunity a new reality.  See you soon.

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