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What is ABA Therapy?

There is a lot of confusion, opinion, and stories out there about what ABA Therapy is and what it can do. ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA is the science of living. It's the science of defining, measuring, and changing everyday behaviors. It is simple but has extensive applications making it seem complicated. Pioneered over 50 years ago by B. F. Skinner and developed by many other scientists like Dr. Fuller, and Dr. Lovaas, ABA has become the leading treatment for developmental and behavioral disabilities.  


This is our commitment to enhance and improve the lives of people who face challenges in learning using evidence-based science in behavioral changes. We make measurable and meaningful change that families, friends, and teachers can see. Our ultimate goal is to not only improve the lives of our clients but to do so in a way that will last without our continued intervention. 

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Behavior is simply all the things a person does. Talking, walking, playing, reading, and making friends are all behaviors. We work every day on teaching our students functional versions of all of these behaviors to better help them participate in their own lives and community.  
We also train family members and professionals in the community to help them understand why some behaviors happen and others don't. We teach them how to best manage the environment and relationships between people in order to improve the types of behaviors people engage in. When we improve behavior we improve lives. 


ABA is evidence-based treatment at its foundation. Through technique, data collection, and analysis of data, we then prove why behavior has improved and why unwanted behavior has decreased or stopped completely! This is an essential part of helping our clients maintain new, improved behaviors. As a team, we work together to train clients and their families so they can have life long progress after they are discharged from our services. Analysis is key to this. Without analyzing data we won't know how to keep these improvements going.

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