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What is Success?

There are a lot more service providers here in Riyadh then I think people are aware of. Families with children with disabilities are going to find the services they need to help those children live full and productive lives. The market for behavioral and language support demands it. Whether families have found a private school or private services in their home the question we should be asking is this: how can make sure our loved ones are making progress with the programs they are in? How do we measure success?

Hold your service provider to this standard. Although there are philosophical differences between Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Play Therapist there is never a reason a trained professional shouldn't be able to give you a recorded account of their efforts and successes with your child. Especially given the cost of these services. Hold your service providers accountable to the basic standard of care you would expect from teachers and medical providers.

Success for you child means that in some measurable way your child is different today then he was yesterday. That might mean he/she looks at you one more time than yesterday, makes one more gesture or sound than he did the day before. Maybe its just holding a hug for 3 more seconds than the day before. Hold yourself to that standard. Its our responsibility as a community to make this happen.

Check in with us for basic recording examples and descriptions of how to track your child's progress with daily functioning in the home and community.

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